Thursday, July 24, 2008


Wow, an actual connection. Hrmm what should I do? Eat the sky? How about something un-original. Here's my censored travel journal for the past month people.

1:50PM P: Paris; LaCarossa M: Exhausted, happy W: Sunny
Small spread on plane before landing.
Swiftness; work; virtue: Sun.
Been true so far. Leaving DeGaulle was easy
but once off the RER I had a grueling time
finding this place.
Room is nice and my credit card worked.
I think my Checking account may be out till
I can clear some stuff tomorrow but I
have 40E on me, that' should' last the day.
Meeting Anita at 6:00 PM, going to try
and find the occult store before then.
Heh, when was the last time I slept.
Should really find a way to call my mom and
let her know I'm fine.
Went to both occult sotores and the Louvre
Couldn't figure out the phone sys
Check card fine
Met Anita and two friends
Drank and smoked pot and talked by Eiffel tower
Cops harassed us about pot but gave it back
since we were "tourists"
Came back and let in w/ little trouble at 1:50 AM
No internet connect, outlet works.

[Hell, I'm tired of this, I'll keep going with this ledger of days later.]

Sunday, July 13, 2008

So short

Damn, never in these cyber cafe's long enough to get all my notes and thoughts together. This thursday though I'll be in Alaxendria in a decent hotel which should have some wifi for my to take advantage of.

The work days are short, yet long and hot enough that not much else is done at night but down a beer and update what's happened. I'm sitting here in Mansoura again, beeps and honks going off in the background like a cacaphony of maddened city songs. They can't drive here without playing chicken every five seconds. Police sirens don't matter. How is it I have yet to see an accident. There must be some symmetry and order in this chaotic system they have instilled.

Donkeys occasionally wear pants.

I went to the Sinai Penninsula the other day. The desert is beautiful, I could spend an aeternity amongs those grains of sand.

The stars on the roof are such a sight everynight as scorpio rises higher and higher. Sipping scotch and having an egyptian cigarette, this is heaven.

Poverty is all around, they throw their trash everywhere, in every river and street. They remove it though burning it where it lies. This doesn't happen often enough. There are a multitude of flies everywhere, no wonder I've yet to see a bat?

Still everyone is generally joking and laughing. This is a very fun place to be.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Frantic as all Love

This will be short and simple sadly. I write this on a dying computer with slow access. I don't have photos on me to post, they'll come soon. I don't have my travel journal on me to update you all but it will be up soon.

Paris was Amazing.

Egypt is Amazing.

I have already just on the first day discovered many things and am having a hell of a time. I look forward to sharing all of my stories with you soon.

Almost being arrested, going home with strangers, drinking in amazing back alley pubs, being hit on by arab women and finding ancient artifacts.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Paris Working

Well I'm sitting in a cyber cafe having a hell of a time working my way around a non-qwerty keyboard. I have a deluge of photo's I've been taking and have just started a photo bucket that I'll be dumping them in.

Wow, this is difficult! Focusing on typing, how do you people do it? As well the spellchecker is in french and lights up every word I type. *Sigh*

I think I'll have to do this on my own laptop later. Check out the photobucket though.