Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dai Uno

Yawn, what the hell happened here?

Huh, whatever happened it musta been fun.Oh shit! That's right, I'm leaving today.

Just gotta take all of this stuff and...........fwing.

A drive-a, drive-a, drive-a, drive-a!A drive-a, drive-a, drive-a, drive-a!A drive-a, drive-a, drive-a, drive-a!BABIE TIEM NAO!
Huh, how the hell did I end up at an art's festival?

Got sold a magazine by one of the Zendik agrarian cultists.
I spread to them the wonderful word of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.Suddenly; our hero is distracted form his missionary work for food and beer.

GTFO time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bon Voyage.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The dog lies down alone. Under the porch. On this day.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Midnights in Babylon.

This is where I work, spend my nights for hours upon end in endless dance with a buzz and hum that can only be described as insect; alien. Walls and lights moving into a weave as a Hollywood set from the inside of a spaceship blasting off toward where I've been dead set on for the past half a decade of my life. Obscureness.
Chrome flash in my eyes, blinded by being awake all night, flowered symphony of tessellation. Sanitized, sterile; entropy.
World as a mess for shits and grins.
Not very difficult to waste time over and again; time is easily thrown away. Relevance and respect to a situation creates the memory and outcome. Kias I possess.
Inanna passed through the gates, giving up a part of herself at each stop. Leaving again she became whole. Dissolution speaks for itself on many occasions, surrender of self completely into a moment, taken by it's god. Resting against a counter top, staring at a grill, the rushing hum of voices years dead echoed off of ear drums. Dawn is arisen.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Clock is ticking...

There's a week left till I leave for the excavation to Mendes. I sit around, play guitar and go to work waiting to leave.

Well that's a bunch of horse-shit actually, since this is a very active town when you know the right folks and know where to look. Last night was a blast as Dr. Mobius headed by Silver Circle to lead a nice long discussion on global consciousness and our response to the acceleration of knowledge. This lasted a good several hours, as his discussions are apt to, and the majority of us were sad for it to end due to things like "cold and fatigue."
He, however, was looking for some help toward the end and I'll pass it on to anyone reading this as well. For the past year Dr. Mobius has been part of a deprivation tank study here at PSU. However as the tank hasn't been pulling in any monetary gains for the university they've decided to nix the program. So Mobius is moving the tank to a location in nearby Lemont and setting up in the basement of a therapeutic masseur.

Firstly I thought I'd help by putting the word out about this and as it becomes more established I'll provide more information. Aside from what I've mentioned about location the only other information I have is a tentative annual subscription fee for the tanks use of $150 that'll help pay for the monthly rent of the space.

Secondly for all of those who pray, preform sigil magick or ceremonial magick I would ask that you devout a little effort toward the project's sigil created by Dr. Mobius with the intent that the move and non profit upkeep of this tank all go well.

The sigil is simply: []

Just two brackets.

-Love, Dance and Sing.